DIY Sex Toy Workshop

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DIY Sex Toy Workshop


Workshop for building arduino based vibrators

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Tools Used

  • Arduino
  • Processing


  • WORM, Rotterdamn, NL, September 2010


A one-day workshop to teach students the basics of the Arduino and Processing platforms, as well as simple electronics and mechanics. Instead of using the normal approach of teaching via a chain of simple projects like making LEDs light up or doing abstract generative software art, the students are taught to build their own USB controlled vibrator. They then set about building different control interfaces for the hardware they built.

The workshop consists of 8 modules

  • Intro to arduino/processing (getting things installed)
  • Building a simple arduino motor control circuit
  • Intro to sex technology, and development of intimate interfaces (hour lecture, original version of presentation from 2007:
  • Simple processing control interface
  • Audio control (Basic DSP)
  • Biometric control (EEG, pulse, GSR, explanation of biometrics in intimate environments, etc...)
  • Network control/Teledildonics
  • Further Experiments and discussion

By the end of the class, students know how to drive small motors via computer control, and how to create new and interesting control ideas via cutting edge hardware.