Missing A Kick

Project Info


Missing A Kick


SL/RL Art Piece with Wiimote Triggering

Year Started:


Project Leads

  • Xpertina Marilu

Project Collaborates

  • Magnus Wurzer

Tools Used

  • Wiimote
  • OSCulator
  • Python
  • OpenSoundControl


  • Cyberfest, 11/2010, St. Petersburg, Russia


An interactive art piece that ties together real life and the Second Life virtual world. A Wiimote game controller is embedded in a real object which visitors can throw/kick. The velocity information is taken from the wiimote's accelerometer, and relayed to objects inside Second Life. These messages cause the objects to be physically triggered, flying around the room in a haphazard way.

Project Description by Lead Artist

Missing a kick | at the icebox door | It closed anyway

Haiku by Jack Kerouac

"Missing a kick" gets both worlds mixed by a real kick. The visitor's operation as well as the operation's effect becomes displaced in real time in a virtual world. The ultimate kick becomes virtualized by multiplying the physiological characteristics of a chair and its effect gets utopian. This kick visualizes the opportunity of the result of an action and inworld visitors will kick chairs themselves and all chairs will trigger other wrongdoings and misconducts in the virtual environment.


Missing A Kick @ Vimeo: