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Driving Second Life vehicles via real exercise bikes

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Repo @ Github

Tools Used

  • Exercise Bike
  • Xport Botball Controller (FPGA + Gameboy Advance)


Second Life is an incredibly immersive world of user created content. However, there is only so much immersion that can happen through a keyboard/mouse control scheme. There are many different ways to control vehicles in real life, such as steering wheels, pedals, handle bars, and flight sticks. Implementing these control structures in Second Life allows users to get closer to the virtual world by giving them mechanisms they are familiar with in the real world.

The bicycle is used around the world for cheap, self-powered transportation, and has embedded itself into many interesting contextual situations. Romantic ideas such as biking through the park or using paddle boats, the thrill of the Tour De France, the metaphor of training wheels, are all based on bicycles. Using the LifeCycle, users will now be able to move themselves from place to place in the Second Life world using a stationary exercise bike.